3D Tour of Three Sixty Rooftop Bar St. Louis

We recently created a 3D Tour for Three Sixty Rooftop Bar in downtown St. Louis. This was one of the most unique projects we have been able to work on to date, as it was our first experience doing a 3D Shoot that was primarily outdoors. We did both a day and night 3D Tour, and both turned out fantastic. Both tours give you stunning 360 degree views of downtown St. Louis. Thank you to Three Sixty Rooftop Bar for choosing St. Louis 3D Tours to help showcase your one of a kind bar and event space.

View both 3D Tours Below:

If you know of a business that could utilize this awesome new technology, please give them our number! 314.222.0313

Our Largest Project To Date

Yesteday, we were tasked with creating a 3D Tour of a home that is just over 10,000 square feet. This was our largest residential project to date. It was a huge success, and the tour turned out great!

The home is currently listed by Gladys Manion Real Estate, and is located on Warson Rd. in Ladue. Thank you to Stephanie Connell for having us come out!

Check it out here:

Could Matterport 3D Tours Help Your Business?

There are many valuable uses for a Matterport 3D showcase. Below we have listed the businesses and individuals we believe our product can best serve.

Real Estate Agents

9 out of 10 homebuyers start their search on line. How are you setting yourself apart from all the other houses on the market? There is no better way than with one of our 3D showcases. This product is perfect for high-priced luxury homes. Give buyers the opportunity to walk through your home from without leaving the couch. Many agents today spend hundreds of dollars on professional real estate photos. With our product, you get 25 high-definition, wide-angle lens photographs along with a full 3D walkthrough of your home. As the only provider of Matterport 3D tours in St. Louis, STL 3D Tours can help get your home sold fast.


Event Spaces

Do you host weddings receptions, banquets or conferences in your event space? Do you frequently rent your space to out of town clients? Go above and beyond basic photography with a 3D tours that you can prominently display on the front of your website. By virtually walking through your event space, potential clients can develop a sense of comfort and familiarity that can set you apart from your competition by affirming that your space truly meets their specific needs.


Apartment Complexes/Rental Properties

Do you manage properties or apartments that routinely need to be listed for rent? Have one 3D showcase done, and you can use it over and over again. Even better, if you have multiple units with the same floor plan, one 3D showcase can be used for all of them every time they come up for rent. This can save you countless hours normally spent showing the unit to prospective tenants.

Often times tenants are concerned about the layout of a rental unit and how their furniture will fit. By giving them the ability to virtually walkthrough your rental unit, they can get a good idea of this right from their computer.


Residential Home Builders

Are you a home builder who builds several of the same floor plans over and over again? Do you often hear from your clients that they wish they could actually walk through your floor plans instead of just looking at the layout? Often times customers looking to build a new home have a hard time visualizing what a floor plan will look like when complete. Let us provide a solution to this problem. As each of your floor plans are built, hire St. Louis 3D Tours to shoot a 3D walkthrough of them and share it over and over again with clients who ask this recurring question. Instead of providing 2D floor plans on your website, provide 3D walk throughs of all your most stunning homes to really set yourself apart from other builders in the area.



In the highly competitive food/beverage industry, businesses aren't just selling their menu, they're selling an atmosphere and experience. What better way to set your business apart than by prominently displaying a tour of your bar/restaurant on the front page of your website. Customers often search online for a restaurants menu/website before they visit. Show off the unique atmosphere you have created by letting customers see it before leaving home.


Commercial Properties

Do you have a commercial space to lease or sell? With one of our 3D showcases, potential tenants can view your space from their computer and get an initial idea of whether or not it fits their business needs. Often times, one cannot judge the true merit of commercial office or business space by simply looking at pictures. By linking/embedding one of our 3D tours you will set your space apart from others when potential tenants begin their search online. 


These are just some of the many uses for this awesome new technology St. Louis 3d Tours is here to provide!

Redfin Adds Matterport 3D Tours to its Listings

Although Redfin is not in the St. Louis area, it is a well known real estate brokerage that prides itself on being an early adopter of new real estate technologies. This August, they announced that Matterport Virtual Tours will be a regular part of their listing package. 

The increasing rate at which these tours are being used by real estate agents nationwide is staggering, and we hope to see them regularly included in St. Louis area real estate listings as early as this summer. St. Louis 3D Tours is here to provide them!

Check out the article below to read more about the Redfin announcement:

Redfin Launches New 3D Walkthroughs

Google's Project Tango

Google's Project Tango is a very exciting new technology that is attempting to bring 3D capture capabilities to smartphones and tablets. Matterport is one of Google's partners on this technology, and I'm very excited to see where it goes.

Here's an article on this topic in you're interested in learning more:


From the video in the link above, you can see that the Project Tango device produces maps with very low resolution when compared to the Matterport camera. However, that is expected as this technology is only just now becoming available on smartphones and tablets. This could be the beginning of 3D Capture technology becoming something we use in everyday life. Exciting stuff.