St. Louis 3D Tours Shoots Our Largest Space To Date

Yesterday, St. Louis 3D Tours captured our largest space to date. After speaking several times with Doug Auer, owner of Third Degree Glass Factory, we set up a time to create a virtual tour of his multi-use space. 

Third Degree Glass Factory is not just a place where students can learn to blow glass. It is also a very unique event space that plays host to things such as wedding receptions and corporate outings. On top of this, it is also an art gallery. The East Gallery displays the work of local artists, and includes a variety of mediums such as photography, painting, fiber, printmaking and sculpture. On the other side of the building you can find the Hot Shop Gallery. Here you can find hundreds of glass pieces on display, all made just a few feet away in the Hot Shop Studio by Third Degree's resident glassblowing artists.

One of the coolest things I found in the entire building was the bathrooms. Click the link to the 3D Tour of the space and do your best to make your way inside of them.

There you will find that the sinks and faucets aren't made of stainless steel or brushed nickel, but hand blown glass! This was a very cool surprise, and just one of the many things that sets Third Degree Glass Studio apart from other St. Louis event spaces I have been to in the past.

Looking to book a party or event in the near future? You can visit their website here: