Future Uses Of Matterport

Right now we are only at the tip of the ice berg when it comes to the things we can do with the Matterport 3D Camera. As of today, you can shoot 3D walkthroughs in stunning HD that allow you to seamlessly move through any space. Not only can you tour a space from the inside, but a quick zoom out will take you to a dollhouse view where you can see a full 3D view of the entire model. Or click to the next tab which allows you to see the space in floor plan view from above. You can even go into your model through the Matterport workshop, and accurately measure room dimensions, ceiling heights, and any other point A to point B measurement with perfect accuracy.

You are able to do all of this because this camera is not like other 3D cameras available today. Most virtual tours are shot by simply spinning a camera around and taking pictures in every direction. While the Matterport camera does this too, it is doing it with nine different cameras as well as multiple 3D sensors. It doesn't just take pictures, it actually creates a 3D scan of the entire space. 

As you will see in the video below (made back in February '14), Matterport has much grander plans for the uses of these models. This video was made eight months ago, so the ideas in this video are that much closer to being reality. In the very near future, you will be able to go into a 3D Scan and do things like change paint colors on the walls, add furniture to rooms to see if it fits, or change flooring to see how hardwoods would look as opposed to carpet. 

Matterport 3D Staging

This could potentially save real estate agents and home sellers hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars otherwise spent on staging. Event spaces could drop in bars, tables and stages to plan layouts for banquets and receptions. I'm sure there are many other uses I haven't even thought of yet. I'm excited about what lies ahead for St. Louis 3D Tours, and this technology in general.