Matterport 3D Tours For Builders

The new Matterport 3D Tours could be a great marketing/sales tool for new home builders and/or their real estate agents. Often times, a builder wants to "pre-sell" a house before they begin construction. This reduces the builder's risk because they don't have to worry about selling the home once they're done building. They have an agreed upon purchase price, and simply have to stay within their budget while building a home to the buyers satisfaction.

While this sounds ideal, the real estate agent's can be more difficult here than it is with a normal listing. This is mainly because the agent is selling a house that isn't there. Most buyers want to see a finished product in person before they can truly commit to building. They want something they can touch and feel. Builders provide buyers with 2D floor plans, and often times color elevations that show the outside of the house. A lot of times they even have pictures from past homes they built.

However, none of these give them a true feel for the house the way a Matterport 3D Tour does. Being able to virtually walk through the house as if they were actually there gives buyers an added level of comfort before they agree to begin construction. Sometimes pictures and layouts don't do a great floor plan justice. Buyers also have a hard time imagining the difference things like 10 foot ceilings can make unless they can see them in person.

If a builder had a 3D Tour available for all of the floor plans they regularly build they could really set themselves apart from the competition. Instead of looking at floor plans and trying to imagine the layout, buyers could simply go to the builder's website and virtually walk through the layout they liked most. I think this will be the norm in the not so distant future.