Matterport 3D Virtual Tours

Matterport 3D Tours are the most advanced virtual tour product on the market today. They give properties a 24/7 open house by allowing users to take an interactive walk through any property as if they were actually there. Feel free to call or email us to receive our pricing for Matterport 3D Tours.


Matterport 3D Tour Features

Walk Through View - This is the view that is used to navigate through the property. By clicking the white circles throughout the property (or using the arrow keys on your computer), users are can move from room to room seamlessly like they were actually there. 

Dollhouse View - This view allows users to look at the inside of a property from an aerial perspective, just like looking into a dollhouse. You can rotate your view on an axis that allows you to see through exterior walls and into every room. This view allows you to jump from one side of a home to another by simply double clicking in any room you wish to drop into. Users can get a view of not just one floor’s layout, but the layout of an entire home all at once.

Floor Plan View - Like dollhouse view, this is an aerial view that looks into the home the outside in order to give you accurate feel of the layout. Users can look at any given floor of a home from directly above, giving you a floorplan view that is superior to any 2D floor plan you have seen before. This view also allows you to double click on any room to drop back into the walk-through view, and to alternate between which floor you want to look at. 

Highlight Reel - Highlight reel gives your interactive 3D Tour an “autopilot” option. We will choose viewpoints of certain highlights of the home, and arrange them in an order that would be logical for a walk-though. We will then add a button that allows users to simply press play and let the tour walk them to each viewpoint. The tour will stop for several seconds at each point, then maneuver to the next location. At any point during this guided tour, users can simply click in the tour and explore the room they are currently in further. If they wish to continue the tour, they can press the play button again.

One of the best features of these 3D Tours is the fact that they are interactive, but this add-on is very helpful for users who may not be as comfortable navigating the home on their own. Some users love to explore each and every room of the house at their own pace, but many others have told us they wish there was just a button they could press “play” on. With this feature, you will have the best of both worlds. 

Outdoor 360 Views 

360° Views gives you the chance to show off a property’s exterior and the surrounding areas and include them as part of your 3D tour. Exterior locations are added to your highlight reel, allowing users to look around in 360 degrees from each spot.

This makes Matterport a one-stop shop for both interior and exterior visuals, giving end-users the most complete property experience currently available.

Mattertags - Mattertag posts let you provide additional information about features in your 3D Tour by anchoring text descriptions to specific physical locations. This turns your 3D Tour into a powerful tool for communicating unique features of a space to anyone viewing it. Things like heated floors in a bathroom, details about appliances, and in home speakers are not necessarily noticeable in a typical 3D Tour experience. Mattertags let you highlight these features. 

Mattertags also have a low profile design so they can be informative without interrupting the navigation experience. Simply click on a Mattertag for an expanded text box to appear giving you details about whatever feature is being highlighted. This feature is meant to drive deeper, longer engagement and boost return visits.

*** Mattertags are only included in an advanced 3D Tour if client gives us a list of the features they want highlighted throughout the 3D Tour. We will not make a guess without your input.