Our Team


David Hughes

David is the owner of St. Louis 3D Tours, and was one of the first to embrace the Matterport technology in the Midwest. After graduating from the University of Kansas in 2012, David started working as a real estate agent before discovering the Matterport technology in 2014. He still holds a real estate license, and his time working as a realtor has given him a unique perspective on the ways other realtors can utilize these incredible 3D Tours and other real estate marketing services. This has helped him to develop the processes needed to deliver our product in an efficient and timely manner that makes life easy for our clients.

In his free time David enjoys anything St. Louis sports related, playing golf and traveling.

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Michael Moffit

Michael is the chief photographer for St. Louis 3D Tours. He handles the majority of our on site 3D Scanning and photography. After graduating from Missouri State, Michael worked in several industries before joining our team. His attention to detail and love of the product we offer has greatly improved the quality of our 3D Tours and photography other the past several years. Michael's pleasant on-site demeanor and keen attention to detail have constantly evoked praises from our clients.

In his free time Michael enjoys craft beer, disc golf, mountain climbing and exploring the many caves found across the state of Missouri.